Radio Syndication

Heartfeldt Radio is taking over the world! It's syndicated in many different countries and on a lot of stations.
Want to know when it's aired in your country? Check it out here:

Territory FM station Weekly/Monthly Day Local Time
Austria Kronehit FM Monthly Saturday TBA
Argentina Delta 90.3 Weekly Wednesday 11pm
Aruba Cool FM Weekly Sunday 4pm
Costa Rica Aftercluv 107.5 FM Weekly Wednesday 8pm
Cyprus NRJ Weekly Sunday 9pm
Dubai Dance 97.8 FM Weekly Friday 7pm
Estonia Power Hit Radio Weekly Saturday 12am
Egypt NRJ Weekly Tuesday Midnight
Finland NRJ Weekly Saturday 1am
Germany Big City Beats Monthly Friday 7pm
Germany (Baden-Wurtemberg) Hitradio Ohr Monthly Sunday Broadcast via Big City Beats Radio show
Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate) Radio Group Monthly Monday Broadcast via Big City Beats Radio show
Germany (Hessia) YOU FM Monthly Friday Broadcast via Big City Beats Radio show
Germany Sunshine Live Weekly Sunday 5am
Guatemala Radio Saturn Weekly 2nd Sunday 5pm
India (Bangalore) Radio Indigo Weekly Saturday/Sunday 0:00
India (Goa) Radio Indigo Weekly Saturday/Sunday 0:00
Ibiza Cafeé Mambo Weekly Tuesday, Saturday 2pm, 6am
Lebanon NRJ Lebanon Weekly Friday 11pm
Malta Bay Radio Weekly Friday 10:30pm
Netherlands SLAM Weekly Friday 7pm
Norway NRJ Norway Weekly Saturday 10pm
North America Evolution Weekly Sunday 8pm
North America Wolfbytes (NCU) Weekly Saturday 11pm
Oman Hi FM Weekly Friday 10pm
Poland Radio 5 Weekly Saturday, Sunday 4am
Poland Planeta FM Weekly Tuesday 10am
Romania Dance FM Weekly Wednesday 12am
Russia BOOM BOOM FM Weekly Tuesday 5pm
Russia D FM Weekly Sunday 9pm
Slovenia Radio Si Weekly TBC  
Spain Unika FM Bi-Weekly Wednesday 4am
Spain (Ibiza) Mambo Radio Weekly Tuesday 2pm
Sri Lanka KISS FM Weekly Wednesday 8pm
Switzerland One FM 98.5 Weekly Friday 11pm
Thailand KISS FM Weekly Saturday, Sunday 3am
Turkey Radyo S Weekly Friday 8pm
UK (Preston and Lancashire) Beat 103.2 Weekly Friday 11pm
USA Boston 101.7 Weekly Sunday 8pm
USA Tampa Bay 93.3 Times vary Times vary Times vary
USA Wolfbytes (NCU) Weekly Saturday 11pm
Territory Web station Weekly/Monthly Day Local Time
Australia Vibe Radio Weekly Sunday 7pm
Austria Kronehit Weekly Friday 7pm
Belgium Radio FG Weekly Wednesday 4 AM
Canada Dance Radio Weekly Saturday 1am
France Prysm Radio (Prysm Chill) Weekly Thursday 7pm
Germany Big City Beats Weekly Friday 7pm
Germany Electronic Dance Weekly Thursday 5pm
Germany Leipzeg Beatzz Weekly Friday 7pm
Germany Sunshine Live Weekly Sunday 5 AM
Hungary Rabakoz Radio 94.5 Weekly Friday 8 PM
Japan Future Groove Weekly Thursday 8pm
North America Evolution Weekly Friday 9 PM
 Territory  Web station  Weekly/Monthly  Day  Time
Netherlands ParazHit Weekly Sunday 6pm
Spain Experimental TV Weekly Friday Noon
Spain Magix FM Weekly Thursday 1am
Peru Dirty Beats Radio Bi-Weekly Saturday 10pm
Switzerland My 105 Weekly Streaming Platform N/A
Switzerland Traxx FM Weekly TBA TBA
Switzerland Skuizz DAB Weekly TBA TBA
UK (World) Digitally Imported Weekly Thursday 9pm
UK Real Dance Radio Weekly Friday 9pm
UK Wizard Radio Weekly Friday, Saturday 12am
UK Select Radio Weekly Friday 11am