Heartfeldt Foundation

Sam Feldt made this years ADE all about the Heartfeldt Foundation

Amsterdam, 19th of October 2019

During this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event Sam took the opportunity to shine some extra light on sustainability. He decided to host a CO2 and carbon neutral party. All the profit made would be donated to the Heartfeldt Foundation to support new projects. The party was a big success, Sam was able to donate €25.000. 

Besides the party Sam also hosted a clean-up in Amsterdam North, together with the DJ’s that played at the party and he had the honor to host the Plastic Promise panel. On this panel festivals shared their knowledge about how they reduce the single plastic use during their festivals.

Sam Feldt does Beach Clean Up during Miami Music Week

Miami, 9th of April 2019

Together with GoldFish, Orca Sound Project and The Heartfeldt Foundation, Sam Feldt organised a Beach Clean Up the raise awareness for all the plastic polution in sea. 

Sam asked his fans to help him with the Beach Clean Up and even gave away 2 tickets to Ultra Music Festival for the fans that collected the most plastic. 

The Beach Clean Up ended with a little party on the Beach with some great live music by GoldFish. 

Sam Feldt launches 100% eco-friendly Heartfeldt phone cases

Amsterdam, 11th of December 2018

Together with Fashionthings, Sam Feldt launched a serie of phone cases. All covers are 100% eco-friendly and made from recycled PET-plastics and all money made on this product will be donated to the Heartfeldt Foundation to support a greener future for everyone!

"With the launch of the Heartfeldt phone case collection, made completely out of recycled plastic waste and produced in an eco-friendly manner, we believe we have found a fun way to raise money for the Heartfeldt Foundation and fight plastic pollution at the same time. With 10 designs to choose from, all made by my art director Dzanar, there's a cover for everyone in the collection. My favourite is - obviously, haha - the Heartfeldt Ocean Cover of which 100% of the profits will be donated to the Heartfeldt Foundation." - Sam Feldt

As part of the December Advent Calendar on Sam's Heartfeldt.me platform, he hosted several give-aways for free phone cases and coupon codes for all his fans around the world.

DJ Sam Feldt makes the switch to hybrid transportation

Amsterdam, 24th of May 2018

"In the last couple months I have been learning a lot about CO2 emissions and what the effect they have on this planet. In my day-to-day life flying is by far the biggest contributor to my carbon footprint, that’s why recently I partnered up with @greenseat to make my air travel carbon neutral. Today, I took another step - exchanging my old and polluting fossil fuel powered car from 1998 for a hybrid one with one of the lowest carbon emissions available. I can’t wait to show you guys all the other exciting changes I will be making in my lifestyle this year. It’s so inspiring how many ideas, companies and products there are out there that allow you to make conscious decisions on your consuming behavior. .” - Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt announces partnership with Greenseat

Amsterdam, 19th of April 2018

"Following up on my New Years' resolution that I posted to social media at the beginning of this year, I'm very proud to announce my partnership with GreenSeat. As a worldwide touring DJ taking more than 150 flights per year, air travel is one of the most important things to address in my opinion. Therefore, as of today, all CO2 emissions and pollution caused by the flights that I take, will be offset by investing and participating in Gold Standard certified CO2 projects all around the world - making my air travel carbon neutral. Projects include the development of windmills in India, investing in biogas in Tanzania and providing clean cooking methods in Uganda. I'm very excited to be the first DJ to take this type of systematic action and I hope many will follow in my footsteps.” - Sam Feldt

Dutch DJ Sam Feldt announces sustainable New Years' Resolution

Amsterdam, 1st of January 2018

"Traveling the world as a DJ has been what I wanted to do with my life from a very young age. Bringing happiness through music on a global scale for me is one of the most fulfilling things in the world. It comes at a cost, however. Through my travels I’ve realised what’s happening in the world and the many ways we, as humans, are destroying it. Myself included: with more than 200 flights per year, I consider myself to be among the most polluting persons in the world. In 2018 I will make it my objective to change that, and take you on that journey with me. Over the next couple of weeks I will let you know more about the steps I’m going to be taking to make my life more sustainable - and what you can do to help too. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments. We’re in this together, starting today.” - Sam Feldt